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Penrose Productions literally "does it all." In video since 1981, we have learned what it takes for marketing videos to be successful, from pre-production all the way through editing. Our satisfied clients come back time and again.
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Video Production

We've produced high-impact videos since 1981 and are the experts in the field. Trust us to communicate your message effectively and efficiently. Our 100% customer approval rating attests to our ability to meet client needs.
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Video Editing

We've won numerous awards over the years for our video editing. In this day and age, viewers have short attention spans and must be engaged right from the start if you want them to see your message. Great editing does that.
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Our Various Video Marketing Services

Video Editing

Video editing can turn an awful video into a great one. We can take your footage and edit it so that it presents a complete and compelling story to prospective clients as well as help sell existing customers on more comprehensive services or products.

Marketing Videos

What do you have to market? Product or service, our vast experience allows us to showcase what you have for sale and using the efficient medium of marketing videos, we can communicate your message to those potential clients.

Local Business Videos

Just like large companies, small businesses can take advantage of the many opportunities that video marketing affords. Since people search the web when they are looking for a product or service in their area, it pays to have a video about your local business on the internet.

Corporate Marketing Videos

The long history of Penrose Video Marketing began in 1981 in Silicon Valley, and right from the start we have been serving clients near our base in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. Our corporate clients have given us a 100% satisfaction rating -- as determined by an independent auditing agency.

How Does Video Help your Business?

Video has tons of benefits to your business. It can literally boost your business. Video is the medium of choice for people who are looking to make a purchase. It is efficient and compact, so they do not have to sort through mountains of text information to find what they are searching for. Look at these staggering statistics on the left for YouTube alone. In contrast, look how businesses are using online videos to advertise. The arena is wide open for the savvy business person, especially those with small or local businesses.

  • over 4 BILLION videos are viewed daily on YouTube
  • 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE
  • 6 BIlLION hours of video are watched on YouTube every month
  • 61% of enterise companies use online videos for marketing
  • Amazingly, only 9% of small businesses use online videos for marketing
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